Fundamental Factors To Trade In Options

Currency options

There are different factors that affect the different asset classes. Those who trade in currency options will have to look at the macroeconomic data reports closely. They also need to pay a lot of attention to inflation, any policy changes and to interest rates. All of these inspire the currency options, trader, to buy or to sell a currency option. If anticipated properly then this can let him make profits in the market. This page clarifies it further.

The data reports andthe financialeventslet one knowthe economy’s strength and this makes the options trader buy a call option in that currency. If there is an economic weakness to be seen then the trader will buy aput option.

Commodity options

In the commoditymarket, the trader looks at a separate set of criteria. Those who trade in the gold or the oil options will look at theinventory reports that lets them analyze the supply level that isavailable in themarket. When the supply level is falling then it is bullish because now the consumer has to pay more for these commodities. In this case, one would want to be a buyer of the call option. However,when there is an increase in supply then this isbearish for the asset and the options trader will buy put options in the commodity.


Those traders who trade fundamentally on commodities and currenciesneed to watch the events that could cause an impact on the market demand in the future. When the optionstrader takes a position on oil then thismeansthat he has to look at the sales numbers as well as any geopolitical events that could impact the valuation of oil. There is,however, no guarantee that an event willcause the price to move or the percentagechange that one can expect from an event. Thismeans that if you are an options trader you need to have anin-depthunderstanding of that asset to know what dictates its price.

It may seem to becomplicated but it is not impossible to understand the factors that cause a change in the asset prices. It just takes time and continuous monitoring of the market to be able to forecast how an event is going to affect an asset.


Optionstradingoffers some key advantagesto the traders as compared to trading in the otherfinancialinstruments. The option looks to be very lucrative and most traders get intimidated with it. But before you can generate returns andprofits from this instrument you need to know how the optionsmarket works so that you are able to make full useout of it.